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Catedral de Santiago

If you are going to travel to Saltillo, the first thing that you must know is that it has become a modern city, with excellent means of communication and transportation, and its principal economic activities are generated by the automotive industry, agriculture, and commerce.

Plaza de Armas

A good choice as a starting point would be La Plaza de Armas, located in the Historical Center, a place full of folklore and cozy atmosphere, as is the authentic saltillense culture. Around 500 meters away from there, you are going to find the Alameda Zaragoza, a plaza with a big sidewalk full of decoration that commemorates relevant facts of the history of Coahuila. In its corners, you will find the Alameda’s Central Library and some busts of certain Mexico Independence heroes. The Alameda has a lake called Lago República, which in Spanish means Republic and takes its name because of its shape, that resembles the one of our country. Cool, right?

Museo de las Aves

In Saltillo are approximately 22 museums and one that you definitively cannot miss is the Museo de las Aves (Museum of birds), located in the former San Juan College, where prominent figures of the state studied, such as Francisco I. Madero. The Museo de las Aves was inaugurated in 1993 and since that moment it has turned into a reference of national avifauna. It’s the only one of its kind in Mexico and possesses a collection of more than 2,500 birds, it was recently chosen to be a depository of iconic birds inside the conservation of the wildlife of North America, like the Condor of California and the White Crane, unique specimens in the country.

Another one of the most important museums in Saltillo is the Museo del Desierto, which has four principal pavilions: El desierto y su pasado (The desert and its past), El hombre y el desierto (The man and the desert), Evolución y diversidad (Evolution and diversity) and El laboratorio de la vida (The life laboratory), where ecological culture is stimulated and promoted, showing the richness of life and the evolution of the species. In the pavilion El desierto y su pasado The desert and its past you will be able to see dinosaurs fossils that lived in this region of the country as the SabinasaurioQuetzalcoatlus and the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex, which is 17 meters long by 5 meters high.

Museo del Desierto

And if you’re looking for a great place to eat, we recommend you to try Los Pioneros restaurant, a place that offers traditional food of the region, where you will enjoy the best tacos made from traditional dishes and the quesadillas with chilaca.

Quesadillas con Chilaca

Visit Saltillo and not try Arroz Huérfano would be unforgivable, so we recommend you to try it at La Canasta restaurant, this traditional dish is prepared with rice with bits of beef fillet, ham, bacon, nuts, and almonds, we know that the combination sounds a bit odd, but its flavor is incomparable.

Arroz Huérfano

If you want to surprise your family and friends, you can buy a Sarape to them, which is a typical Mexican attire, or the Mexican clothing stereotype, along with the hat, which joins Mesoamerican and European cultures fabric traditions, with pre-Hispanic and colonial topics.


And if it's baseball season, you definitely have to go to a baseball match at Francisco I. Madero Stadium and support the local team Saraperos de Saltillo, a team who play in the Mexican Baseball League.

Saraperos de Saltillo

As you can see, there’s a lot of places to visit and enjoy in Saltillo, so don’t wait any longer and book your bus ticket with Grupo Senda and start your trip in the best way.

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