Aguascalientes, destination of traditions.

A state full of history, harmony and a beautiful architecture. Visiting Aguascalientes is synonymous with culture, entertainment and customs; It is a small city, but with a great variety of places, memorable landscapes, delicious meals and memories to preserve.


At the beginning of your trip, you have to consider visit one of the places with the longest tradition: the Baños de Ojocaliente. These thermal baths have preserved their original hydraulic facilities since the nineteenth century; their water are from the spring with the same name.

A perfect place to relax, enjoy the benefits of its medicinal properties that help any type of ailment, also you can revitalize yourself by taking aquafitness classes or enjoy a good massage session.

Aguas termales en Aguascalientes

To continue with the journey, now we will go to a museum full of tradition and culture, this is the National Museum of Death or also known as MUMU, which its goal is to share the iconography of death and funerary art of different historical periods of the country.

You can learn about the different cultural manifestations related to death in Mexico across its history through its multiple exhibition halls.

Museo Nacional de la Muerte en Aguascalientes

It is good to take a break so you can recover and continue visiting the other attractive places of Aguascalientes, so we recommend you to visit Xocolatl Mexica, the perfect place for chocolate lovers, a place where you can taste more than 40 varieties of drink xocolatl.

Six flavors are from Mexican ancestral origin, prepared with spices and flowers such as Magnolia, chile, vanilla, pepper, mint and cocoa.

Before you leave, do not forget to buy one of your seven chocolates just to prepare them at home.

Xocolatl Mexica en Aguascalientes

Well, now it is time to talk about a natural symbol of Aguascalientes, impressive and full of enigma: the Cerro del Muerto.

Its name comes from a legend, which tells that an indigenous priest mysteriously disappeared when he bathed in one of the hot springs of the place.

The Indians who accompanied the priest, desperate for his disappearance, believed the Chalcas kidnapped him, and ran to give the notice to the rest of the tribe. Because of this, a war between Chichimecas and Chalcas begun.

However, if this story does not scare you, many visitors and residents come to this place to enjoy the splendid sunsets, accompanied with a symphony of colors at the top of the hill.

Atardeceres en Aguascalientes

In April and May you can be part of one of the events that best represents Aguascalientes: the National Fair of San Marcos or also called the Mexico’s Fair, in which people from all over the country come to witness the livestock exhibition of the greatest traditions in Latin America.

The typical charrería shows compete versus the mechanical games, surrounded by a framework of color, music and culinary delights. The nights are reserved for big massive musical shows in the Teatro del Pueblo and for fun at clubs and bars.

Feria Nacional de San Marcos

Another colorful celebration that you will want to take part is the iconic Calaveras Festival, which takes place between the end of October and the beginning of November, which is an incredible mixture of celebration for life, honor and respect for death, a cultural delight for anyone who admires the Día de los Muertos.

In this festival you can enjoy musical shows, street theaters, cultural events, vintage and the traditional market or tianguis.

Festival de las Calaveras en Aguascalientes

These are some of the wonderful attractions of Aguascalientes, so you can get an idea of the memorable experiences you can have when visiting this state.

To know the rest of Aguascalientes will be necessary you decide to go. Do not wait any longer and go for your ticket, in Grupo Senda we are ready to take you to your destination.

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