Piedras Negras, the Strong Frontier of Mexico.

The main border of the state of Coahuila, located in front of the city of Eagle Pass, Texas.

A city distinguished by the hospitality of its residents and modern architecture.

We can start our tour at "El Moral" park, which has a municipal auditorium, a house of culture, the only history museum on the border, a handicraft house and a popular market. In addition, it counts with services provided to tourism such as travel agencies and car rentals, hotels, restaurants, and craft stores.

casa de artesanías en Piedras Negras

Another place you cannot miss is La Plaza de la Cultura, an impressive tribute to the ancestors. This park was inaugurated in 2005 and gathers replicas of the different indigenous works found throughout history, a collection where you can find pieces such as the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of 365 niches and the Pyramid El Castillo, among others on a smaller scale. It has playground, murals, sculptures, auditorium, musical fountain, cultural building, planetarium and shops.

On the other hand, if we talk about their most representative music we would be referring to the popular groups called "fara-fara", musical ensembles composed by guitar, bass, accordion and a redoba, whose rhythm interprets corridos, as well like bolero ranchero and some tex-mex music.

Música fara-fara en Piedras Negras

What about the gastronomy?

We will tell you that here is the place of the famous nacho, a world-known dish, random created by a restaurant employee who wanted to please some guests of Eagle Pass. His name was Ignacio, and he had the idea to call the dish as his nickname "Nacho". From then on, the history of the snack that crossed borders began and every year, in Piedras Negras, the acclaimed Nacho Festival is celebrated.

Nachos en Piedras Negras

Also, the corn bread of this region is well known, which is prepared with pieces of scrambled pork rinds and then add fried dough. In addition, its roasted meat is very famous, as well as its desserts of piloncillo con nuez, calabaza dulce, camote dulce and delicious confectionery.

Their crafts are better known by the distinguished work in leather, with the development of footwear, belts and saddle.

Trabajo en cuero en Piedras Negras

To get the most typical items of the locality, you can go to the Zaragoza Market, where you may find handicrafts from all over the Mexican Republic at very good prices, like silver and gold jewelry, clothes for children and adults. Mexican artisans elaborate most of the items by hand. Enter in more than 80 sales points to know and buy handicraft items.

Mercado Zaragoza en Piedras Negras

With this advance, you can imagine the great journey that is coming up, so go assembling your suitcase, because in Grupo Senda we are ready to take you to your next destination: Piedras Negras, Coauhila.

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