Nuevo Laredo is the most attractive border port for tourism because, in addition to the two bridges linking the city of Laredo Texas, it has bars, lounges, and casinos, as well as the Hippodrome, fairs, “lienzos charros”, among other attractions.

If you plan to visit Nuevo Laredo soon, you have some activities that you cannot miss during your stay.

Centro Cultural de Nuevo Laredo

Continue your tour at the "UMAN Park", located on the outskirts of the Cultural Center.

You will be surprised by its collection of replicas of pre-Hispanic sculptures, the collection boasts more than 40 replicas of archaeological figures from the Aztec cultures, huasteca and Toltec. In this archaeological walk you will also learn about the vestiges of the first civilizations of the pre-Columbian period and everything relating to the culture of these groups.

Parque UMÁN en Nuevo Laredo

If after this walk in the Park, you start to feel hungry, you will most likely find in your surroundings similar cuisine to that of the northeastern Mexican region, although it has a strong influence of the neoleonesa cuisine as well.

Local gastronomy is characterized in its consumption of flour tortillas, dried beef, “cabrito asado” “al pastor” or fried; roast pork stewed with garlic, cumin and chili.

Gastronomía en Nuevo Laredo

Something very typical of the region that you must know about is their "fiestas populares" an industrial and commercial fair, that also includes livestock and agriculture annually held since 1957.

This fair has its own land, on the West side of the city, it provides amenities where you can enjoy “palenques”, rides, craft, commercial, agricultural and livestock exhibitions.

Feria en Nuevo Laredo

 If your trip is between February and November you can see its emblematic Charreadas organized annually in any of its five “Liensos Charros” . Lienzo charro in Nuevo Laredo is definitely a place you must visit in the city

Charreada en Nuevo Laredo

lienzos charros en Nuevo Laredo

The "Zoo of Nuevo Laredo"  is recommended by locals and tourists due to its newly renovated areas, the care they treat the animals with and the atmosphere it provides to spend a lovely family afternoon.

Zoológico de Nuevo Laredo

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