A city that has so much to show, such as incredible natural settings, architecture, mining tradition, a culture and history that have amazed many travelers by the wonders that Zacatecas has.

A very characteristic place in the city and that any visitor cannot miss, is the "Mina El Edén". Inside this mine, you will be able to walk through its tunnels, go through its galleries by train, buy souvenirs, appreciate scenarios of the mining activity, and know its legends, myths and history through the guides.

Its atmosphere full of light, sounds and the amount of minerals that were extracted from the mine at the Museum of Rocks and Minerals; and, as if that were not enough, in the interior, a discotheque called "La Mina Club", the only discotheque in the world, inside a mine.

Mina El Edén

Another one of the most visited attraction of Zacatecas is the "Teleférico", in 7 minutes it crosses the whole city, while you can enjoy spectacular views. The route is 642 meters, which goes from Cerro del Grillo to Cerro de la Buña at a height of 76 meters.

After its most recent remodeling, its six cabins now offer a 360-degree panoramic view, so you can enjoy this tour better.

It has a lot of security and guides that can answer all your doubts about the city. It has an approximate cost of $ 100 pesos per person per single trip.

Teleférico de Zacatecas

You must make a stop at the “Cerro de La Bufa” when you are in the cable car route. Here, you have the best view of the city; you will admire Zacatecas from a great height and with much more detail with the coin telescopes.

Cerro de La Bufa

You can also visit the Museum of Toma de Zacatecas, take pictures with statues of illustrious people, such as Pancho Villa.

In addition, you will visit the Meteorological Observatory of Zacatecas, the Plaza de la Revolución Mexicana and a chapel built in 1728.

You must visit the "La Quemada Archaeological Museum", located 52 km south of Zacatecas, which was inaugurated in 1995 to host the archaeological pieces that have been found in the region.

The three cultures of which you will find pieces are from Loma San Gabriel, Chalchihuites and Malpaso; you can see very elaborate ceramics and a model of the Temple of the Skulls.

Museo Arqueológico de Sitio La Quemada

A great place to take the little ones is "Zig Zag Interactive Science Center", a project developed by the Papalote Museo del Niño; its objective is for children to get interested in science and technology through gaming.

Zig Zag Centro Interactivo de Ciencias

Topics such as energy, fluids, waves, electromagnetism, among others, will be the protagonists that will attract children and young people in a totally interactive way.

At nightfall, you cannot miss the traditional "Callejoneadas" of Zacatecas: you will visit streets and alleys with a musical ensemble that will encourage you to dance; this event will be headed by a donkey that carries mezcal barrels that you can use to serve into your little pitcherful hanging from your neck.

Callejoneadas de Zacatecas

This was just a small taste of what you can do in Zacatecas, as this destination has a lot to amaze you with.

Do not hesitate and go organizing for your next trip, we, at Grupo Senda are ready to take you to the city of pink quarry and heart of silver.

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