This destination has the most beautiful landscapes and the most impressive nature reserves, where a great variety of flora, fauna, vegetation and the imposing Sierra Madre Occidental live, which mixes with the horizon.

Chihuahua will surprise you with its wide range of activities and you will live the adventure of your life in its caves and canyons.

You must visit the "Cañón de Pegüis", an emblematic canyon located in the Chihuahua desert area; its amazing viewpoint is very famous, due to the experience it offers when visiting it and the endless legends that this place has.

Cañón de Pegüis

To get to the most interesting sites of this place, you will have to paddle through the canyon, where you will enjoy the calm and tranquility that surrounds this place.

Also, if what you are looking for is excitement, there is also an area where you can practice rafting from a medium to a high level of difficulty.

Another place to acquire incredible memories on your trip with your adventure tourism are the "Grutas Nombre de Dios", these are only 15 minutes from the Historical Center, so you cannot miss the opportunity to visit them.

Grutas Nombre de Dios

Once you enter, you will descend to a depth of 82 meters, where you will admire stalactites and stalagmites that took millions of years to form, you can also climb in certain areas of the caves or simply go through them.

We recommend you use light and comfortable clothing, because inside the caves the temperature varies between 27 and 33 degrees Celsius.

At the end of your tour, a truck will take you to the parking lot.

Go deep into the millenary atmosphere in the "Museum of the Chihuahua Desert (MUDECH)". Here you will learn about the history of the Chihuahua Desert and its inhabitants over time since the Ice Age.

Museo del Desierto Chihuahuense (MUDECH)

You will have the opportunity to get to know an impressive paleontological collection in its 2,500 m2 of exhibition: it has original pieces, with more than 20 scientific replicas of megafauna and dinosaurs, a place that you certainly you will not want to miss!

Another amazing place because of the history it houses is the "Casa de Villa Museum"; this contains a collection of personal objects, furniture and many items that belonged to the revolutionary army of Pancho Villa.

Museo Casa de Villa

Moreover, since you are in Chihuahua, you should visit "Creel", a magical town framed by the impressive Copper Canyon, full of charm and relaxation, where one feels that time does not advance.

Creel Chihuahua

You will love this town because it offers innumerable beauties, from the walk in the middle of the pine forest, admire the most beautiful waterfalls of the Sierra Tarahumara, to discover the impressive rock formations in the Monje Valley, a place known as the Valley of the gods.

Venture to know Chihuahua, prepare the suitcases and buy your tickets, that in Grupo Senda we are ready to take you on your next trip.

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