Whether you come with friends or with your family, on vacation or on business, Milwaukee has to offer you more than you imagine.

This city, located in the state of Wisconsin, will surprise you with the incredible sites you can visit and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

When you come, you should take advantage of it and take the tour of "Miller Brewing Company" to enter to the well-known brewing culture of the place. Since the middle of the 20th century, the city was considered a leader in the manufacture of beer in the world.

Miller Brewing Company

The tour is free and begins with the welcome of Frederick Miller's hologram, he will show you a bit of the history of the brewing company, the manufacturing and bottling processes. At the end of this interesting tour, you will be given samples of Miller beer, many of which are only sold in Wisconsin.

You can take as many pictures as you want, and you will undoubtedly have a great time.

Another tour that you cannot miss is the "Miller Park", whether you are a fan of the King of Sports or not, this tour will entertain you.

Miller Park

You will know the locker rooms, the press booths, the establishment in general and other attractions behind the scenes.

We hope you visit the city in baseball season, so you can watch a game of the Brewers of Milwaukee, it's quite an experience! The atmosphere, thousands of food options and the sausage race: before the seventh entry, you can watch this live show starring six pet sausages of almost two meters.

You must also visit one of the most popular destinations of the place, the "Harley Davidson Museum", which could be named as one of the most visited museums in the United States.

Museo Harley Davidson

By touring its exhibition rooms, you can learn about the history of the company, the first motorcycle produced, the Harley-Davidson culture, as well as observe a fantastic album of photographs, videos, clothing, iconic items and, near the exit, you can get out photos next to the different models of motorcycles of all time.

If after so much walking you start to feel hunger, an interesting place to go to eat is "The Safe House": to enter, you must first decipher the location and then the password to pass, otherwise you will have to perform different tests to can access, this because this restaurant has a spy theme.

The Safe House

History Channel classified it as one of the best secret places to visit in the United States. As a random fact, you can ask for custom sketches to the workers of the place; it has a magic show and a poker tournament where you can win rounds of free drinks.

Be careful, the place is full of false doors, a peephole with a surprise, double mirrors and other secrets that we cannot reveal.

Another very good place to eat is "Organ Piper Pizza", and more if you go as a family, since this place offers fun and great taste for everyone.

Organ Piper Pizza

This place is one of the last pizzerias in the country that offers tubular organ concerts to its customers along with other peculiar instruments. In "Organ Piper Pizza" you will taste the best pizzas made with the freshest ingredients and you will love its huge variety of sandwiches, snacks and the delicious menu for children.

This city is full of experiences that you cannot miss, we could continue to name many more, but you better come to discover them yourself, what is certain is that Milwaukee will fascinate you.

Go; look for your tickets, because in Grupo Senda we are ready to take you to this new adventure.

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