A place that contains different charms that would make anyone fall in love, wonderful spaces and multiple activities that you can do in a weekend escape.

It is a place with a lot of wealth due to its commercial, agricultural and industrial developments.

A border city, whose well-known bridges are traveled by thousands of people who come and go from one country to another; such is the case of the Brownsville-Matamoros International Bridge, being that Brownsville is its sister city with which it shares its history, its people and its space that make it complement each other perfectly.

If you want to know the authentic charm of the city, you should start your tour in the "Plaza Hidalgo", where you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere by the cheerful energy that radiates from the local people of Matamoros.

Plaza Hidalgo

During the weekends, the square's base is used to celebrate cultural events and fill it with festive decorations. You'll see a square filled with stalls of sweets, balloons, food, music and a lot of people, since matamorenses have not lost the habit of enjoying an afternoon living in the park, devoting time to watch the sunsets and participate in social encounters that take place here.

In this square you will also know one of the most appreciated architectural treasures of the city, a wooden Kiosk built in 1889 with a Moroccan style that provides an essence of the past to the park.

Another highly recommended place is the "Mercado Juarez", where you will find everything that refers to local crafts and everything you want in leather: belts, hats, jackets, trench coats, dress bags, bags and clothes.

Mercado Juárez

This site houses the history of the vendors who previously met to offer their merchandise. Over the years, a building was built to give a special place to these vendors and remained in good condition, until a fire occurred in 1969, which caused damage to the foundations. In 1970 it was rebuilt and enlarged to be as we know it now.

Meet the "Museum of Mexican Agrarianism", unique in its kind throughout the country. This one is in what was the hacienda "Los Borregos", a place belonging to General Félix Día, nephew of Don Porfirio Díaz. The museum exhibits articles used during the Revolution and, through its modules, the history is reviewed from the beginning of the Revolution to Cardenismo.

Museo de Agrarismo Mexicano

If your appetite is open, you have many options to choose from in the city. In the restaurant "Los Portales" you can taste the typical food of the region; in "El Lousiana" you can taste delicious international food; If you crave some seafood, the best place for you will be "Las Escolleras"; and if you want more Mexican food options, "Bigo's" and "Garcia's" will be great options for you.

Maricos en Matamoros

Visit Baghdad Beach, which is a very clean beach and near Matamoros, here you can do all kinds of activities such as fishing, swimming and rides on ATVs in its dunes.

Playa Bagdad

The place has palapas and restaurants to relax in the sun and enjoy the warm weather of the beach.

What are you waiting for? It's time to go on a trip and get to know Matamoros. Go organizing your next departure and buy your tickets, in Grupo Senda we are ready to go.

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