The perfect place to enjoy ecotourism in different habitats is Ciudad Mante. If you do the tour that we are going to tell you, you will take home impressive photographs and experiences that you will treasure forever.

The weather in summer is very hot, the temperature is between 40 ° C to 46 ° C, as well as minimum of 4 ° C to 26 ° C, normally in November, so we recommend you to be prepared and investigate the weather before you pack your suitcase.

Ciudad Mante has several touristic attractions that make the area rich and beautiful, which is what makes this place a fantastic destination to spend a weekend. Several of these places surround the city, but it is worth doing the tour, it is simply magnificent!

Around 11 km. near the city, "El Nacimiento" is located, and it has a spring inside a cave: the view inside is amazing, since you can see how the water comes out from the rocks.

Manantial El Nacimiento

This place looks magical, its crystal-clear water and rich color hypnotizes any visitor, it is almost impossible not to stand in front of this spring and contemplate its natural beauty.

The place is ideal to enjoy in company of your family, whether it is a field day, a boat trip, or you can practice diving at more than 200 meters deep or simply swim and enjoy the calm waters of the spring.

Another popular spa is "La Aguja", this is only 7 km away from Ciudadd Mante. It was created with the construction of a dam on the Mante River, and now is a popular place to cool off and enjoy the day.

Balneario La Aguja

At 13 km. away from Ciudad Mante, the "Cueva del Abra" is located, a spectacular and imposing cavern, which has only been partially covered, so it is recommended to visit it accompanied by a specialized guide on the site to enjoy its splendor without risk.

Cueva del Abra

It is one of the best-known caves in the region, due to its proximity to Ciudad Mante; this and "Las Grutas de Quintero" are frequently visited by adventurous tourists.

The last-mentioned cave offers a spectacle at nightfall, where thousands of bats come out to feed around at the same time.

An extraordinary natural setting, which is highly recommended to visit, is the "Cañón de la Servilleta", apart from being beautiful and worthy to admire, in this place, marine fossils, from the Cretaceous period, have been found.

Cañón de la Servilleta

Most time of the year, you can cross this river on foot as pools are formed between stones that resemble a path to walk quietly through the place.

The combination of the water, the limestone rocks on the sides of the river, the sand and the leafy trees make this place an extraordinary place to be in contact with nature, swimming and taking many photos.

If you would like to practice extreme sports during your trip, the perfect place is "El Cielo Biosphere Reserve". In this paradisiacal site you can practice all kinds of outdoor activities, such as rappel, zip line, rock climbing, mountain biking, bird watching, hiking, among other activities.

La Reserva de la Biósfera El Cielo

One more adventure awaits you in Ciudad Mante, go and organize your trip and buy your tickets, because in Grupo Senda we are ready to take you to your next destination.

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