Basic guide for packing

We have a coming trip, the tickets in hand and all the excitement of arriving at the destination, but we still need to pack our bags, and it always happens that you carry extra things you won’t use, or you forgot some of them.
If you have trouble in organizing what you will carry in your baggage, here are some tips to make this easier for you:

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  • 1. Consider the weather of the place you are going to visit
    First of all, you should check the weather of the city you will visit, you won’t want to wear winter clothes to a place where it is unbearably hot or vice versa.
    You can check the weather conditions on the internet, ask a friend or a family member who lives in the city.

  • 2. Make a list of essential personal items
    Start writing a list of clothes and personal items that you may need, depending on the weather of the place where you are going.
    Here, we present you a sample list of what you could contemplate when packing:

    Garments Personal items
    Underwear Deodorant
    Socks Toothpaste
    Pajamas Toothbrush
    Sandals Cotton
    Shoes Tissues
    T-shirts Towel
    Jeans / shorts Pillow
    Sweater / jacket Blankets
    Swimsuit Shampoo
    Nightwear Conditioner
    Skirts / Dresses Medicines
    Sneakers Cosmetics
    Sportswear Frangances
    Brush or hair comb
    Hair products
    Body lotion
    Razor / Shaver
    Dryer / Hair iron
    Insect repellent

    And make sure you have with you:

    • Tickets
    • Money
    • Cards
    • Identifications
  • 3. Choose clothes that match well
    Carry less, totally worth. Give preference to clothes that match well to avoid carrying excess clothing.
    It is better to wear two pairs of shoes that match with every clothes you will wear. Can you imagine how much space all those shoes would take away if only carry two pairs? This also happens with clothes that you can repeat, like sweaters or jackets. Save space to items you really need.

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  • 4. Organize and select
    On your bed or in any space you have, distribute your things grouped by type: underwear, pants, shirts, blouses, swimsuits, sweaters, toiletries, beauty supplies, etc.
    Now, ask yourself if you will use all of them or not, if not, withdraw what you will not use and take the opportunity to review what you will may need.

  • 5. Tips to help you to pack your baggage.

    • Fold your clothes in a roll: Fold them as you usually do, then roll up each garment and arrange them together to take advantage of all the space in your suitcase.

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    • Delicate garments: Place the difficult-to-wrinkle items on the bottom and put the delicate ones on top to prevent wrinkling.
    • Dirty clothes: Do not forget separate the clean clothes from the dirty ones. Avoid this by carrying a plastic bag, in where you can keep all those clothes.
    • Resealable bags: Save your similar items of smaller size in this type of bags, in this way it is much less likely to be lost in the depths of your suitcase.
    • Jacket at hand: If you are going to wear a jacket or a voluminous sweater, it is better that you wear it and not inside your suitcase. This way you will have more space and it will help you to cover yourself during the trip.


Now that you know how to pack your bags, choose your destination and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip with Grupo Senda.

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