Located in the Comarca Lagunera, related to other cities such as Lerdo and Torreón.

This young city, full of history and industrial development, has several interesting touristic attractions that we recommend you to visit.

crosses a 95-meter-high ravine with 318 meters long, with the purpose to reach the Santa Rita mines on the other side of the canyon, a work worth to admire.

When you pass through the bridge, you will enjoy a spectacular view; this panorama has delighted so many people that it has even been part of the scenery of various films.

Puente de Ojuela

Talking about museums of Gómez Palacio, we can mention the "Museum of Modern Art", where a varied collection of works of national and foreign artists is exhibited. Another option would be the "Xiximes Community Museum", which presents archaeological pieces and vestiges of the indigenous people who lived in this region of the country, centuries ago. Also, in your tour of museums you should consider the "Stone House", where it has samples of rocks and minerals from this area of Durango.

museos de Gómez Palacio

Within the city, you will find various monuments and historical sites such as: the Plaza de Armas and the replica of the Eiffel Tower, donated by the French colony, the viewpoint and monument to General Francisco Villa.

An hour and a half away from the city, you can find "Mapimí": a magical town that stands out for the admirable architecture of the XVII and XVIII centuries, reflected in its historic center and in constructions such as the Postal Service, the Temple of the Lord of Mapimí, the Church of Santiago Apóstol and the Casa del Cura de Dolores.

In addition to having all sites of great interest, we can find one of the most enigmatic places in the Mexican Republic, known as the "Zone of Silence."

It is a desert region full of myths and legends. It is supposed to be a magnetic zone with mysterious properties that affect everyone who goes through it.

Zona del Silencio

Myths began in the seventies of the last century, when Athena, a NASA rocket, was lost when was crossing this region. Despite using sophisticated detection and tracking equipment, the search lasted for weeks; once the rocket was located, a complex rescue operation was carried out to return it by land to the United States, but as radioactivity was talked about, the transfer operation was in complete isolation; nobody saw the rocket, but the mystery was open.

Since then, people have talked about magnetism in that place, and it has an energy center of the planet that does not allow the entrance of sound or radio signals, it also has hundreds of rumors that has been the place of UFO landings.

Its popularity has been growing that it has become a touristic and pilgrimage site for lovers of mysteries. However, until now there is no proof of these phenomena, we just must be sure that it is an area with a fascinating landscape within the immense desert.

Another magical destination close to Mapimí is the "Grutas de Rosario", a true natural spectacle where you can see various rock formations that for a long time remained abandoned.

But now they have guided tours through the caves to astound you with everything you will see here, if you go about 500 meters deep with the help of the guide you can find at the base of the cave a natural spring that rises from the rocks.

Grutas de Rosario

In the place, a tourist service center is located and it includes general facilities in the exterior, as well as scenic lighting to the interior and a zip line of 450 meters to cross the grotto.

A place you cannot miss!

Cheer up to delve into the history and charm of Gómez Palacio, in Grupo Senda we are waiting for you to begin this trip.

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