3 best places to celebrate the Day of the Dead

The festivity of the All Souls' Day is coming closer, a celebration that undoubtedly makes feel the Mexicans closer to their roots and customs.

However, there are sites where this party feels flush with skin and they turn it into a unique experience.

So at least once in your life, you must visit these places to know the special touch that they put in this celebration to commemorate those who already are not in this world.

  1. 1. CDMX

    Día de muertos en CDMX

    It is one of the most traditional options, here you will find an endless number of celebrations for all the tastes and senses, since the city filled up with color, energy, emotions and joy.

    Two very typical events are the following: the parade of the Catrinas at the Zócalo and "la alumbrada" in San Andrés's pantheon, in this place we can see as hundreds of persons meeting after 7:00 p.m. to adorn the tombs of the pantheon and to fill them with skulls of sugar, flowers of cempasúchil and diverse offerings.

    In addition, there are organized dances, plays, exhibitions and gastronomic samples.

    A gastronomic event that you cannot miss is the "Festival of the bread of the dead and the calaverita", a delicious experience!

    Other very special places to visit in these dates are “Ciudad Universitaria”, to know the mega-offering of the year, and Cuemanco's pier to set sail in Xochimilco's trajinera, which is an incredible tour, where you may also find a recreation of the classic legend "La Llorona".


    Día de muertos en San Luis Potosí

    Specifically at the Huasteca Potosina. The Day of the Dead, also known as "Xantolo", is a celebration where you can know all the customs and traditions in the route with the same name. This one consists of visiting the municipalities of Huehuetlán, Tamuín, Tampacán, San Vicente Tancuayalab, Aquismón. Xilitla, Tampamolón, Ciudad Valles, Axtla of Terraces, Aquismón, Tamazunchale, Tanquián, San Martín Chalchicuautla, Tanlajás and Tancanhuitz. 

    In each of them, you will see their offerings realized across exhibitions and gastronomic samples.

    "Xantolo" represents a sacred meeting of the alive ones with their forbears, on November 1, they realize a party with prayers, and praises to the altars, and the communities indigenous of the region do musical offerings. 

    In November 2, the same communities are accustomed to take offerings and flowers.

    A real visual spectacle!


    Día de muertos en Aguascalientes

    Another great option is to visit Aguascalientes because the Day of the Dead is a very important celebration for the people and they feast it in big with the “Festival de las Calaveras”, a sample of art, magic, beauty and mysticism.

    You will be surprised with the “Magno Desfile de Calaveras” with the paces of the extras and the impressive allegoric cars that finish off a stage full of crafts, gastronomy, processions, concerts, theatre and certainly the dead man's traditional bread.

    In addition, clearly cannot be absent the happy atmosphere that infects the music of Aguascalientes's Symphonic Orchestra.

Pack your suitcases and the calaveritas to some of these destinations to celebrate the Day of the Dead, because in Grupo Senda we are ready to begin this trip!

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