6 things you should do on every trip

Traveling is much more than only visiting the touristic places. Although must-see attractions are fun, make sure you take time for some of the lesser-known places. It is time to put on your explorer's hat and satisfy your curiosity. Are you ready to go from tourist to traveler? Keep reading and take notes.

  • 1. Do not be afraid to explore. It can be very tempting to stay at the hotel or just visit the main touristic places. But if you do this, you will never discover those wonderful places that only a few know. Without putting aside your own safety, challenge yourself to do something that requires exploration. Talk to the locals or ask your hotel staff for suggestions on less common roads for a truly local experience.

  • 2. Use public transport. There is no better way to know the city than by taking the public transport. Buses help you go across and know neighborhoods, just make sure you keep your eyes open, have a map and take care of your personal belongings all the time.

    Transporte publico
  • 3. Keep a diary This is possibly the best gift you can give yourself. Take pictures and record everything you did during the day. Write about what you felt when you arrived somewhere or about your experience when you tasted that delicious food of a typical restaurant. The best thing is when you go back to your home and bring back those memories about everything you lived with your traveling companions.

    Diario de viaje
  • 4. Invest in unique memories. It is valid to buy the typical key-chain souvenir, however, do not forget that traveling is the perfect opportunity to find some special items that will serve as non-typical souvenirs of your adventures. So visit the local market and buy something that you will value for years (which usually are not things made for tourists).

    Recuerdos de viaje
  • 5. Go beyond If your trip has only one destination, try to organize a day trip to a nearby city or town. Often, the most popular tourist destinations overshadow some smaller but cool destinations nearby that you may regret miss.

    Lugares cercanos
  • 6. Do not be the typical tourist. Before your trip, do a brief research and learn the essential phrases of the place you are about to visit, so you won’t be incommunicado upon your arrival. If you don’t have time to do the research, look for a pocket dictionary and try it; most locals will appreciate your effort.

    No matter where you decide to go, try to do something that challenges you. Resist the temptation to plan and get out of your comfort zone, even if it's just a little. A truly great and memorable trip will teach you something new about yourself and can even change you a bit.


Now that you know how to get the best experience in your trip, we invite you to choose your Senda’s destination and allow us to accompany you on this journey.

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