7 mistakes that every first time traveler does

It is common you make mistakes the first time you travel, just as you will make mistakes in any other time of your life.

Here are the main mistakes that first time adventurers make, so you can avoid them.

  1. 1) Overbook

    It is tempting on that first trip to have everything confirmed: every hotel, every transfer, every breakfast, every lunch and every dinner. That way you do not have to worry about anything, right? But soon, you will realize it is worth having some flexibility. Confirm important things, but also take the chance to change your itinerary and take advantage of opportunities as they come.


  2. 2) Using a travel agent... for everything

    It is understandable that you may feel you need to have the safety of having a travel agent, even though you now can book a complete trip online. You can use them (travel agent), but that does not mean you have to use them for everything. You can book your flights and maybe your lodging, but believe us; you will save more money if you take care of everything else by yourself.

    Usar un agente de viajes

  3. 3) Trying to see everything

    Surely, you have seen tours like "seven countries in 12 days" and you have thought it is a good thing. See as much as possible and cross out all of your Bucket List, but this is a mistake. You have to trust the idea that you will travel again. Instead of trying to see everything at once, slow down; know a country thoroughly or maybe two and your desire to travel again will increase.

    Tratar de verlo todo

  4. 4) Carrying a lot of luggage

    Do not pack too much clothes, remember that you will buy things while traveling. Do not bring a big first aid kit because you really only need some things. Do not pack more than three pairs of shoes or more than two pairs of jeans.

    Llevar muchas maletas

  5. 5) Buy stuff you do not need

    It is tempting to enter one of the stores, go crazy spending thousands there and buy all kinds of things you do not need. Avoid doing this and better spend on experiences, like a glass of wine or a beer while watching the sunset.

    Comprar demasiado

  6. 6) Underestimate costs

    The first thing you have to accept is that everything will cost more than you think. From the flights you will get to the drinks that you will buy in a bar, everything will be more expensive. You will probably spend twice as much as you planned, so before traveling, save more money.

    Subestimar costos

  7. 7) Not hiring insurance

    Even if you only plan to stay at the hotel for a week, if you have an accident, or get sick, or your bags disappear, or another million mishaps happen while you travel, you will be happy to have spent that small amount on an insurance policy.

    No contratar un seguro

We hope that now that you know the seven mistakes that every first time traveler does do not make this type of mistakes and achieve a perfect trip.

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