5 tips for bus travelers

Regardless if your bus trip will only last a few hours or two days, here we tell you what you must do before boarding, so that your journey is safe and pleasant.

  1. 1. Buy your tickets in advance.

    Compra tus boletos de autobus con anticipación

    In addition to removing an overhang, when buying your bus tickets with time you can have more freedom to choose your seats and even the type of route that will be taken; as is the case with "with" or "without scales".

  2. 2. Arrive at least one hour before the Bus Station.

    Llega al menos una hora antes a la Central de Autobuses

    Arriving at the Bus Station waiting to reach your bus is a terrible way to start your trip; better prepare and arrive with time, in this way you can be ready for any inconvenience, or simply avoid the long lines that are usually done on vacations and weekends.

  3. 3. Let your luggage stand out.

    Que tu equipaje se destaque

    The suitcases go under the bus, and without something that identifies yours, like some design, ribbon or label, it can be difficult to distinguish it from the others. Placing something in your suitcase or choosing a bright one will help you find it easily.

  4. 4. Have your ticket at hand.

    Ten tu boleto a la mano

    When you line up to get on the bus, take your ticket in your hand. Otherwise, you will stop everyone, or you will be forced to let another person in as you find it.

  5. 5. Enjoy your trip.

    Ten tu boleto a la mano

    Finally, do not forget to enjoy your trip. Pack some healthy snacks, update your playlist of music, take your favorite book and enjoy the landscapes you will see during the journey.

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